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How to Search Online for Hair Straightener PDF User Manuals

Thinking about How to Search for a online internet hair iron user guide in New ZealandKnowing how and where to search for a Hair flattening Iron or Straightener user guide manual on the Internet Online can reduce the time in implementing search procedures. Also you may be able to find useful information, sometimes from the manufacturer, for your particular hair styling iron. Though hair irons are generally simple beauty instruments, but having it's manual may be helpful, for informative and comparative purposes. Most manuals, including "official" brand name manuals are produced as a PDF file - i.e. a Portable Document Format. Image of Girl by vitiyaa.

Reasons for a User Guide Reference

* Information - You may want specific features to list as a selling point, say on on online auction such as New Zealand's Trademe. Or to compare with similar iron models or other brands. Maybe you are not familiar with an overseas brand, having specific features (e.g. voltage settings, ideal use settings, etc) will make you become more aware.
* Contacts - Manuals often include local and worldwide authorized agencies, reference model codes, email and url web addresses for any warranty issues
* Familiarization - User Guides may list additional digital settings, e.g. for heat times, duration,(e.g. for electronic models) or maintenance and general care. Sometimes diagrams, images, within a manual can help.
* Safety - Related manuals such as health and safety, similar products (e.g. curling irons) may be useful. I think Conair seems to have plenty of such PDF user guides for reference.

Using Google to Search for an Online Hair Iron PDF Manual

Often many Internet searchers, search using informational queries, perhaps with a keyword (e.g. a brand name) to try get a general overview what's available online. As mentioned in my article on How to search online for the "best" hair iron, we can employ those tactics and others, to quickly target (i.e. find) a user guide manual for a hair iron. So if we do a generic but branded search in Google such as -

Entering this search query: Hair user PDF manual for CHI Straightener Iron

Produces these CHI Search Results (Click for larger view)

Search results for CHI PDF User Manual
But the search results do not show any reference to a CHI PDF manual on page 1, but display links to popular or authoritative sites: article sites - e.g. Hub pages, Article Dash Board, Squidoo, Youtube, and a few other I assume are popular site links. Oddly a PDF link does appear at the bottom, but to the Conair domain site (Perhaps not so odd - as they do have plenty of PDF files on the Internet - Hence I think Google would rank their site, as a "equivalent" or related reference, on the first page for this particular search).

This might suggest either CHI have no user guides PDF files online, or too few to be listed high in the search results. Of course you could use a range of related generic, synonyms, and brand search terms to hopefully find that CHI PDF file, and perhaps navigate through pages of results - and you probably will find a CHI PDF hair iron related file site, due to the massive search database of Google. But a better way, particularly for not well Google ranked searched iron terms (i.e. brands), is to use a few advanced search operators, either in isolation or perhaps in combination. However, I think I will only demonstrate one advanced operator, as I believe it found the most targeted PDF information quickly - The URL command coupled with the "plus" sign.

Advanced Google CHI Hair Iron Search: Using URL and the "+" (i.e. plus)

How to search online for hair straightener user guide pdf manualsPopular or established online hair iron sites, are likely to reside their PDF user guide files, on a sub domain - which is associated with a url name - often long - not usually visible in Google results. Thus it is more effective to search with the url operator (as opposed to many other operators), and to target it better with the + sign, (and it's search term or query) which sometimes help, particularly if their are dozens of sub domains, which may have dozens of other PDF files - which may or not be relevant to our search query.

So let's re-search our CHI query by entering the following url operator search terms

Entering this search query: inurl:pdf hair user manual +iron +CHI

Produces these CHI Search Results

NZ Hair Straightener using advanced Google inurl Search
The first result appears to be the most relevant, and possibly the only "Official" PDF file - perhaps the user guide manual, and is described as the CHI Hair Ceramic Styling Iron. The displayed URL result also mentions Farouk Systems, which is the manufacturer of CHI hair irons. Their are other references to CHI - but related (i.e. Farouk) url's and authority sites - e.g. YouTube and Amazon. For comparison, if we replace +CHI with +Conair in the above search term for Google searching, their are many PDF files (i.e. url's with Conair PDF) that are displayed, including country specific URL domains. Possibly Conair have a wider range of related products and therefore produced more PDF user guides. This of course, is beneficial to hair iron users worldwide.

You may need to open to read, to assess whether if the manual documents are relevant to your search, or you could add more + search terms (e.g. model number) to laser target a PDF user guide - assuming it exists online. Hence using a url specific term should instantly display a PDF, if it exists. So searching with inurl: pdf manual (or user guide, etc) +iron (or straightener or styler) +brand name +model number +(other keywords) should hopefully retrieve you hair straightener's user guide manual or similar. There is also filetype:pdf  and again the inurl:pdf operators that also displays documents.
Update - The + operator has now been dropped by Google (since it may confuse with Google's + social platform ( for any + searches). So instead use quotes around your search query, e.g. "GHD flattening iron".

Alternative Online PDF Resources for Hair Straighteners

So far, we have used Google search queries for specific hair irons, but there are also many online PDF manual resource sites. You can search for PDF manual storage web sites, perhaps in a similar manner as described above. One site is manuals online ( The site has plenty of manuals, and you can search for a hair styler iron by model number or brand, or from the health and beauty category - then personal care - then see all - then scroll down to the styling iron link, or hair care, or hair dryer manual links if you want. If you are lucky, you may find a useful user guide. You can also store the file on a "virtual" filing cabinet on their site, join a community and with other features if you sign up. It's a nice streamlined easily navigable site.

Manuals Online - Maybe Find a Hair Iron User Guide

PDF user guide manuals online for hair iron, straightener, and related products
PDF User Guide Search Engine - Docjax

Docjax is a PDF, Word Doc, Power Point, and Excel search engine. It's quite an attractive easy to navigate search engine to quickly find PDF user, promotional, safety and other guides that may be relevant to your hair iron. I found a few Conair PDF safety documents, from Conair, but of course you might also retrieve documents from personal users. You may have to do a bit of searching, or just add com to your search - e.g. Conair com, of which I found over 7,000 PDF files.

DocJax PDF Search Engine - May find your Iron's Documents

Docjax PDF search engine for hair straightening iron
Conair Safety PDF Document from Docjax

Conair hair iron safety manual in PDF format
Scribd ( and Other Shared Document Sites

This is a document sharing site, supporting various formats (e.g. PDF, Doc, Docx, ppt, and many others) embedded in web pages using the "iPaper" format. I found a few Conair, GHD, CHI guides - some from hair care sites, and I think from personal users. Some documents from DocJax, I think when viewed, linked to Scribd. Other document sites, to try find business or brand name hair iron guides include docstoc (, issuu (, and wePapers ( But their are thousands of documents, so need to try search with many optimized terms as possible.

Online Search for Hair Straightener guides - PDF Document Availability

Using the above search techniques and online resources hopefully might find relevant user guides. I have found many other PDF's by also from user forum links, after using advanced Google search terms with forums as a keyword. Currently it appears that many PDF hair iron documents, as are reviews, related hair iron product sites, are scattered through a variety of, but useful online avenues. Such diversity may make it difficult initially for inexperienced searchers to try to quickly find a specific hair straightening user guide. Maybe an authority online hair iron or seller site, may initiate a central database of user manuals - thus making a easier task for searchers that want to search online for a specific hair iron PDF manual.


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