Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trademe NZ Hair Straighteners Selling Tips

Selling Hair Straighteners on New Zealand's Trademe auction or perhaps eBay, is generally an easy online avenue to sell, to try profit from a sale or successful auction. However including more information for your Hair Iron, might increase buyers interest to achieve a faster and more informed sale. Providing more information might be important when auctioning a used unit, since their seems to be so many of them, e.g. the earlier Remington Hair Straighteners. I have seen used irons auctioned with little useful description, unsightly images, i.e. messily strewn on a floor, often without much visitor views, but if it sells then that's OK. Maybe the Hair Unit Model is in demand, is cheap, useful for training purposes, or as a back up Iron for hair styling.

Descriptive and Specification Tips

But to make your auction appealing to buyers, assuming you want to, perhaps include features and functions of your Hair Straightener, in addition to applying relevant auction title, images, and general optimization tips. This I explain in more detail in my Trademe NZ Selling Tips blog. You might notice that bulk Trademe Sellers generally include a comprehensive description and sales piece for brand new items, including Hair Flattening Irons. Perhaps you can as well, with a little more work, but if you want to increase the chances of a sale...then for a used Hair Unit try (as in do it) these tips...

- Basic description of the Straightener, brand name, colours, size (e.g. if a mini unit), model number (so bidders can research online if unknown/unfamiliar), it's history if known (e.g. it's age, if used daily), reasons for selling (e.g. upgraded, no longer used), and general appearance (e.g. worn plates, scratches, color fade, etc)
- Quality attributes - What you believe (from experience) or reviews, that makes the iron somewhat unique or practical for good performance. Though quality could mean different things, but one being fitness for purpose. Mention of the brand name might be enough for some; Functional features could be another - often related to it's settings and range of specifications or features, design and ergonomics could be another feature to mention.
- Perhaps reference online user reviews (e.g. at or if possible and perhaps include testimonials.
- Describe at least some of it's features and specifications. If you don't know what they are, browse web sites, the user guide book, or try search for a online user guide (My tips for internet search for PDF user guides).

Examples of specifications include -

* Rapid heat up time of the Tourmaline plates within a few seconds
* Sleep or Power Off mode after 30 minutes of inactivity
* Easy adjustable Temperature for efficient heat control for maximum performance
* Universal Voltage for Overseas use
* Include physical attributes, e.g. overall dimensions, plate length and width, weight, design, and shape
* And other useful features or specifications, e.g. if wet and dry, steam conditioning, etc

Hair Straightener Possible Segmented Features

Hair Straightener Properites for Selling on Trademe new Zealand
Sure, a used and perhaps basic Hair Straightener, may no longer serve one's need, but perhaps may serve another person's needs. Particularly for those that are new to hair styling, or affordability reasons, may want to buy a used Iron. Such buyers, might have a better insight, more trust, and thus more likely to bid or purchase, if you provide relevant, comprehensive or focused information to install confidence for a first time buyer.

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